This FREE dynamic class is based on a short story by John Grisham, a prequel to his novel "The Whistler."

It's a courtroom drama that features a judge's first murder trial, a defense attorney in over his head, a prosecutor out for blood and glory, the defendant, who is possibly innocent, a series of lay and expert witnesses, and the killer, who may have just committed the perfect crime.

Practice Trial terminology, advanced interpretation skills, and build endurance.

Approved for 3 Continuing Education Credits by CA, NV, WA, OR, TX, TN, OH, CO, and FL (3.9 CIE)

Approved for 3 Continuing Education Credits by CA, NV, WA, OR, TX, TN, OH, CO, and FL (3.9 CIE)

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This 234 page manual is an effort of many years of working in the Criminal Justice System, training interpreters, and finding the best way to prepare fluent English and Spanish speakers to obtain Court Interpreting Certification.

You will learn how to interpret in all three modes (simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation) and practice legal terminology. It is important for interpreters to find equivalents for slang, expletives, sayings, and idiomatic expressions. For this purpose, I have included a fun chapter on Non-Standard language.

This manual explains the criminal court process in detail. It also covers the civil process, including immigration and administrative hearings.

Tracks were recorded in-studio by professional voiceover artists.

We also have a brand new English/Spanish Glossary of Legal & Forensic Terms with over 14,000 terms and phrases.

Hi, I'm Gigi Sefchick

I have been instructing aspiring and certified court interpreters since 2005. After years of interpreting, I have come to realize that there is a lack of language specific materials for court interpreters. My goal is to try to fill that gap and ensure equal access for all of those who have to navigate the Criminal Justice System, and doing so in a fun and innovative way.

In 2019 I released a Manual with 24 professionally recorded tracks and 12 texts for aspiring English<>Spanish interpreters. The manual explains the criminal court process in detail, it has a chapter on non-standard language, and it teaches how to interpret in all 3 modes. All our materials include complete glossaries.

I am now working on the Expert Witness Series for Court Interpreters. This course is part of the series. For more information, check our website